The Best Accessories for the Big Green Egg

The Best Accessories for the Big Green Egg

There's no question in our mind that the Big Green Egg is one of the top outdoor cooking implements on the market.  

Just like our ugly drum smokers, the grill is versatile, durable, and a unique way to prepare a meal. 

However, a few accessories can go a long way to helping Big Green Egg users of all skill levels get the most out of their Kamado grill and user experience.

To that end, we've curated a list of what we think are the must-have and best accessories for the Big Green Egg.

13 of the Best Accessories for the Big Green Egg

What are the essential Big Green Egg accessories – aftermarket or branded – that we think everyone should have? These 13:

  1. The Over-Easy Hinge
  2. Conveggtor
  3. Baking stone 
  4. Pizza peel 
  5. Thermometers
  6. Poultry roaster (vertical) 
  7. Tables
  8. Cooking tools
  9. Grill grate cleaner
  10. Charcoal starter   
  11. Nest
  12. Grill basket
  13. Eggspander 

1. The Over-Easy Hinge

We'll start with what's probably our favorite ... ahem … Big Green Egg accessory.

The Over-Easy Hinge is one of our newest products, and it's aimed at making significant upgrades to large Big Green Eggs in several ways.

An American-made, retrofit hinge for large Big Green Eggs, the Over-Easy literally takes the heavy lifting out of opening and closing its lid. 

Using counterbalance motion control technology, the Over-Easy not only reduces the opening force needed to open the lid to just 5 lbs, but it also allows you to set the dome in any position within its range of motion. That means opening – or keeping open – a large Big Green Egg's lid is a job that will never leave you short-handed or breaking a sweat.

Additionally, this Big Green Egg hinge upgrades the grill's functionality, as well. You'll benefit from:

  • Better access to the cooking area
  • More control over heat and venting
  • Less worry about potential injury while cooking

2. convEGGtor

A Big Green Egg direct accessory, the convEGGtor transforms the direct heat from the charcoal below into an indirect heat source, enveloping the food in a consistent, radiating warmth that’s perfect for slow cooking, smoking, and baking. This versatility allows users to prepare a wider variety of dishes that would otherwise be impossible on a traditional grill setup. From succulent smoked briskets to freshly baked pizzas and delicate pastries, the convEGGtor ensures that each dish is cooked evenly without the risk of flare-ups or excessive charring. It's a simple upgrade that significantly expands the culinary possibilities of the Big Green Egg.

3. Ceramic Baking Stones

Similar to the convEGGtor, ceramic baking stones distribute heat evenly across their surface, mimicking the conditions of a brick oven. This even heat distribution is perfect for baking crisp pizzas with a perfectly cooked crust, artisanal breads with a golden-brown exterior, or even cookies that require a steady heat.

Using a baking stone also prevents the direct flame or extreme heat from scorching the bottom of dough-based foods, ensuring that every bake is just right. By absorbing moisture from the dough, the stone helps in achieving a crispier crust – a must for pizzas and breads.

4. Pizza Peel

Going hand-in-hand with our last two Big Green Egg accessories, a pizza peel is a must for anyone who plans to make pizzas or breads on their Kamado grill. The bottom line: it makes it simple to move or remove either baked good without worrying about dropping it. In addition, it keeps your hands a safe distance from the hot elements of the grill when in use.


Just imagine trying to move a 16" New York-style pie with a standard spatula.

5. Thermometers

No matter what you're cooking in a Big Green Egg, there's a simple must for every dish: it needs to reach the appropriate temperature. Not only does coming to temp mean the dish is cooked, but it's also safe to consume. To stay on top of your temps, we submit these two accessories:

  • The Big Green Egg Dome Thermometer which is specifically designed to measure the ambient temperature inside the grill's dome. And with its Bluetooth technology, you can keep an eye on your temps from afar.
  • Wireless meat thermometers or wired meat probes which offer a more granular approach to monitoring your cook. These devices allow you to track the internal temperature of your meat, ensuring it's perfectly cooked through without the need to open the grill (easy as that might be with the Over-Easy) and disrupt the cooking environment.

6. Vertical Poultry Roaster

A standard for anyone who's ever decided to lean into the world of grilling and meat smoking, whole chickens are always a crowd-pleaser.

The trouble, however, is that cooking them in a grill of any nature can be a challenge – it takes time and careful attention to ensure a full, even cook. 

A vertical poultry roaster addresses both of those issues. By standing your bird upright, not only do they cook faster, but also evenly without getting dried out.

7. Tables

Tables designed for the Big Green Egg are not just practical; they enhance the grilling experience by providing essential space for preparation and tool storage. Available in both freestanding and mountable designs, tables are a very simple, yet necessary, addition to any outdoor cooking setup.

Mountable tables that attach directly to the Big Green Egg create a seamless and convenient workstation right beside the grill. They can be particularly beneficial for smaller patios or decks where space is at a premium.

A freestanding table can give a little more versatility to your grilling setup, allowing you to move it around as needed and have more space to work on.

8. Cooking Tools

A spatula.

A meat fork.


A meat injector.

Heat-resistant gloves.

Consider this checklist of sorts for the standard issue tools every Big Green Egg user should come to the table with no matter what.

9. A Grill Grate Cleaner

This could be lumped in with our last subsection, but we feel it deserved its own.

No one likes to cook on dirty grill grates – that's why we all usually put tin foil over the grates of public grills at a park. The charred remnants of your last meal don't usually pair well with what you're cooking next.

There are plenty of options to choose from – from the more standard metal brush (which is falling out of favor) to what amounts to heat-resistant sponges that essentially steam-clean the cooking surface.

10. A Charcoal Starter

Charcoal starters such as chimney starters and electric heat guns are designed to speed up the heating process, ensuring that your charcoal – be it brick or lump – is ready for cooking in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Chimney starters, for instance, use a simple yet effective design that utilizes natural airflow to quickly ignite coals without the need for chemical accelerants. You simply fill the chimney with charcoal, place a fire starter or some crumpled paper underneath, and light it. The design of the chimney then draws the flame upwards through the charcoal, getting it glowing hot in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Electric heat guns offer another alternative, delivering a stream of hot air that can ignite coals directly, reducing the wait time even further and eliminating any need for combustion aids.

11. A Nest

To harken back to the Over-Easy. It's no secret the Big Green Eggs – both the grill as a whole and many of its individual components – are heavy. And the bigger a Big Green Egg is, the more difficult it can be to move it.

A Big Green Egg Nest addresses this issue and improves overall user safety.

Constructed from durable materials, the Nest features a sturdy frame that ensures the Egg remains securely in place, preventing tipping and potential accidents. This frame is equipped with wheels, allowing you to easily move your grill across the patio or deck without strain or needing an extra hand.

12. Grill Basket

A grill basket is a must-have accessory for any Big Green Egg user, especially when cooking smaller or more delicate items like vegetables and fish. This handy tool ensures that even the smallest foods can be cooked on the grill without the risk of them falling through the grates.

What's more, a grill basket minimizes the need for constant supervision and flipping, as it can be shaken gently to toss the contents for even cooking. It's a simple yet effective upgrade that lets you do more on your grill.

13. EGGSspander

Designed to maximize the grill’s versatility and ease of use, the EGGspander features multiple racks and platforms that allow for a variety of cooking setups, enabling users to grill, sear, roast, and smoke different foods simultaneously.

With the EGGspander, you can create direct and indirect heat zones, which is ideal for preparing a complete meal — meats on one level with vegetables roasting more gently on another. It's especially useful for large gatherings, as it increases the Big Green Egg's capacity and allows for more complex meal preparation.

The Right Accessories for Great Grilling & Smoking

Just like with any other way of cooking, there's nothing like having the right tools and equipment to make for an easier and more enjoyable cooking experience on your Big Green Egg.

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