Smokin' Ugly 

Drum Smoker Accessories and Grills for Next-Level Outdoor Cooking

Smokin’ Ugly | Ugly Drum Smoker Kits, Equipment, & Grills

There’s no one way to prepare the perfect barbecue or smoked meat. 

With so many options, where do you turn? 

Meet the Smokin’ Ugly family – a product line here to help you master outdoor cooking. 

Whether you’re looking to build a 55-gallon drum smoker that suits you or grill at a tailgate, Smokin’ Ugly products bring quality and functionality to any outdoor cooking venture without compromise.  

Designed for optimal user experience, the Smokin’ Ugly family puts you at the head of the table and preparing meals and smoked meats like no one else. 

Featured Smokin’ Ugly Products: UDS Kits, Equipment, & Grills

American-made and expertly crafted, Smokin’ Ugly UDS smoker kits take the heavy lifting out of creating and using your own 55-gallon drum smoker.


The world of ugly drum smoking is a big and wonderful place. Check out our resources to help you get the most out of your Smokin’ Ugly experience.