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Introduced in 2021, Smokin’ Ugly drum smoker (UDS) products have been making their way into the backyard barbecue pits of smoking and grilling enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Where did Smokin’ Ugly parts, kits, and grilling equipment come from?

Not so much a desire to prepare next-level barbecue as it was finding motion control solutions for an optimized drum smoker experience.

Sparked from a customer request for a spring-loaded hinge for their ugly drum smoker’s lid, our team of designers and engineers got to work and haven’t stopped since.

The initial run of Smokin’ Ugly products included all the accessories anyone would need to turn an ordinary 55-gallon drum into a meat smoking – and grilling – powerhouse. Among the most popular items in the launch was the Pizza Oven Kit, which transforms an ugly drum smoker into a wood-fired pizza oven & griddle.

The Smokin’ Ugly product line has grown twice beyond UDS accessories. In 2022, we introduced the Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea, a portable fire pit and stove combination. The portable TG Series grill – a three-in-one grill, griddle, & pizza oven – joined the Smokin’ Ugly Family in late 2022. For more information, recipes and more, visit our video library.

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