Motion Control: The Biggest Big Green Egg Hinge Upgrade You Can Make

Motion Control: The Biggest Big Green Egg Hinge Upgrade You Can Make

Quick: What weighs 46 lbs and can be an absolute bear to move – especially when you're cooking?

A large Big Green Egg's lid.

One of the most recognizable and respected brands in outdoor cooking, Big Green Egg has long been the go-to for enthusiasts who demand high quality and superior features from their outdoor cooker. 

But its lid can be an issue.


Because like the rest of the Kamado grill/smoker, it's heavy – the lid on the smallest option weighs 25lbs, with the 2XL option weighing in at 74lbs. And moving the lid isn't the easiest thing in the world, either – especially when you're cooking.

But rest assured, there's now a better way with our new Big Green Egg hinge upgrade – the Over-Easy Hinge – for the latest large model. It’s the Big Green Egg accessory you’ve been waiting for. 

Big Green Egg Lids: The Issue 

No matter what kind of smoker or grill you're working with, it's bound to have a lid, right?

How else do you trap heat and smoke, or protect what you're cooking?

The Big Green Egg’s lid does exactly those things. However, it's heavy. It's cumbersome. And it cannot be set in a fixed position with the hardware it comes with.

Certainly, we're not saying it's a bad thing for a grill or smoker of any sort to have a heavy lid. With the heft behind a heavy lid comes a level of durability as well as an almost guarantee that it creates a seal of sorts to trap heat and smoke.

However, it can make for a tougher user experience, enough that you’ll start looking for a Big Green Egg Hinge replacement.

Lifting a heavy lid is a heavy lift. It can get tiring – especially if you're cooking something that needs a lot of attention, requiring you to lift the lid a lot. What's more, as it is right now, a Big Green Egg's lid – regardless of size – only goes in two positions: either fully open or fully closed. That means whenever you want to open the lid, you're committed to opening it all the way or having to hold it open with one hand – something that can get tiring quickly.

BBQ & Meat Smoking Rule #1: Safety First

To our last point, there's a safety element that comes into play, too. When holding a heavy item for a long(er) period of time, muscle fatigue can set in and the risk of losing your grip increases. In other words, the longer you hold a heavy lid, the more you have to worry about it slamming down. If that happens, at the very least it'll give you a start. In a worst-case scenario, you could get injured.

And in truth, worrying about your Big Green Egg's lid causing injury should be the last thing on your mind when barbecuing or smoking meat. You should be focused on the task at hand.

Did You Know ... a customer's request to bring motion control technology to the lid of his ugly drum smoker was the impetus behind our entire Smokin' Ugly brand?

The Over-Easy | The Big Green Egg Hinge Upgrade to Lighten the Load

So how do you address the weight issue of a Big Green Egg's lid, and thereby improve user experience and safety?

Our Big Green Egg hinge upgrade, the Over-Easy Hinge, is the answer.

A custom-designed, retrofit accessory for the large model Big Green Egg, the Over-Easy quite literally takes the heavy lifting out of opening and closing the Kamado grill/smoker's lid.

Using counterbalance motion control technology, the Over-Easy reduces the opening force needed for the lid of a large Big Green Egg to a mere 5 lbs. Yes, that means you're able to lift the lid with one hand. 

What's more – that counterbalance motion control technology we mentioned? It allows you to open the lid and set it in a specific position within its range of motion. Not only does that mean you'll never have to worry about the lid slamming down, but you'll also always have two hands-free when it’s set in position.

What else does the American-made, custom-engineered Over-Easy bring to the table? Plenty more than simply being a means to open and close a large Big Green Egg lid with ease:

Enhanced Access with Greater Opening Angle

The Over-Easy Hinge provides a large Big Green Egg lid with a greater opening angle of 62°, significantly improving access to the grilling surface. You'll have a much easier time tending to whatever you're cooking and no longer have to figure out a plan to attack in maneuvering around the cooking space – a big win, especially with bigger cuts of meat.

New, Additional Precise Cooking Control

When you install an Over-Easy Hinge, you're, in a sense, installing an additional and big vent to your Big Green Egg. With the ability to set your hinge and lid at a specific position within the range of motion, you can trap or release heat and smoke with much more control.

American Craftsmanship and Quality

Proudly made in the USA, the Over-Easy Hinge was designed and manufactured with superior craftsmanship. Constructed for high cycle life and featuring a UV-resistant powder coat finish, it guarantees durability and reliability throughout its lifespan. In other words, this is a retrofit accessory that you'll only need to buy once.

Superior Seal with Alternative Compliant Gasket

Our innovative gasket design ensures a tight seal, effectively trapping heat and smoke. Enjoy consistent cooking temperatures and smoke retention for perfect results every time.

Effortless Installation

Upgrading your Big Green Egg is straightforward with the Over-Easy Hinge. It utilizes existing fasteners and attachment points for a seamless installation process. A few simple tools and a little time are all that's needed to enhance your grill with this advanced hinge system. Follow our easy instructions for a quick setup.

Customizable to Your Preferences

The Over-Easy Hinge is fully adjustable, allowing you to tailor the opening force to your liking. This customization ensures a personalized cooking experience, making it easy to adjust the lid on a Big Green Egg to your preferences. All it takes is a few quick adjustments you can make whenever necessary.

The Over-Easy Hinge: Your Favorite Big Green Egg
Aftermarket Accessory 

When grilling or smoking, the last thing anyone should be concerned about is the equipment they're using and how it might be an impediment.

With the retrofit Over-Easy Hinge, you'll never have to worry about working around your large Big Green Egg's lid. Rather, our Big Green Egg hinge upgrade lets you work with the lid for a better and safer backyard cooking session – and ultimately final product.

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