Grill, Smoker, Griddle Combo| Getting the Most From Your Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Grill, Smoker, Griddle Combo| Getting the Most From Your Outdoor Cooking Equipment

A food processor.

A toaster oven with a built-in (convection) fan.

A countertop pressure cooker.

What do these have in common?

These common kitchen devices represent the consolidation of several others.

Take the pressure cooker we mentioned – all the rage a few Christmases ago. These appliances easily replace a stove-top pressure cooker, a crock pot, a rice cooker, and a steamer, among other things.  Not only does this save you some storage, but also some time and effort in preparing meals.

Can the same apply to outdoor cooking equipment?


In fact, a few of our Smokin' Ugly products do exactly that, giving you the grill, smoker, griddle combo that lets you max out your outdoor cooking experience.

Grill, Smoker, Griddle Combo

No matter where or what you're cooking, having versatile equipment can mean the difference between having an efficient and headache-free meal prep or not.

But in a more practical sense, why limit yourself to one way of cooking outdoors? Further, why invest in multiple cooking apparatuses that are only going to take up precious real estate in your outdoor kitchen?

That's where a grill, smoker, & griddle combo is worth its weight in gold. The three-in-one  cooking powerhouse does more with less while giving you a wide range of meals to cook. 

You'll find this versatility in any one of our Smokin' Ugly Drum Kits and the TG Series Portable Grill.

Let's take a look at each element of this combo and what it gives you.


When it comes to outdoor cooking, there's no question that the first piece of equipment that comes to mind is a grill. There's hardly a home in America that doesn't have one. What's more, if you look hard enough, you can find one for public use pretty easily – parks,  beaches, and camping grounds nearly always have a grill or two available.

Aside from getting you out of cooking in a sweltering kitchen on a hot day, grilling gives your menu more variety. In a grand sense, there's very little that you can't grill – even for those delicate or tricky items to cook, say, eggs or fish, there's generally an accessory that makes it possible.

While grilling can be a fast way for you to get a meal on the table, you can also have an easier time exercising more control over how you cook your food. Regardless of your heat source, you can control heat intensity just as easily as you would cooking indoors as well as the level of heat exposure (direct vs. indirect heating).


The prize horse of many outdoor kitchens, the meat smoker in many ways represents the ultimate in outdoor cooking.

And for many good reasons.

Smoking can take even the toughest cuts of meat and tenderize them in a matter of a few hours so that they melt like butter. 

But the smoker’s real magic is in how it infuses food with flavor. Through the slow-cooking process, the smoker envelops meat in a rich, smoky flavor that’s hard to achieve with any other cooking method. This isn’t just cooking — it’s an upgrade to your culinary repertoire, offering a depth of taste that elevates every meal from routine to remarkable.

Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or a weekender taking their first steps into smoked meats, incorporating a smoker into your outdoor setup means stepping up your game to create dishes that are not just eaten, but remembered.

(Side Note: To be sure, we're not putting the TG in the same league as one of our Ugly Drum Smokers. Rather, with a smoker box loaded with wood chips placed on your TG's bed of coals, you can impart smoked flavors to what you're cooking).


While griddles have long been a staple in indoor kitchens, they're now carving out a significant niche in the outdoor cooking scene. Thanks to the recent surge in popularity of models like the Blackstone, the griddle is fast becoming a beloved new player in backyard culinary setups.

What sets the griddle apart is the most obvious thing about it – its cooking surface, which makes it ideal for a wide array of dishes. Whether you're looking to whip up the perfect pancakes for a sunny outdoor breakfast or grill delicate fish filets for a gourmet meal, the griddle handles it all with ease. The expansive flat surface offers consistent heat distribution, ensuring that everything prepared on it cooks perfectly every time.

Moreover, the griddle's versatility extends beyond just breakfast. It's excellent for creating an array of meals throughout the day, including quick and easy lunches and dinners. Think sizzling quesadillas, smash burgers, or even stir-fry dishes.

How The Smokin' Ugly Griddle Lets You Do More

Smokin' Ugly griddle is a bit misleading – we don't sell it separately per se. Rather it's part of the pizza oven kit that you can purchase for your Smokin' Ugly Drum Smoker (the griddle does come standard with the TG). With the griddle in place, you can turn your outdoor kitchen into an outdoor pizzeria, making traditional pies, flatbread pizzas, and even calzones.

A Quick Look at Our Smokin' Ugly Drum Smokers, TG Series Portable Grill

American-made, both pieces of outdoor kitchen equipment have upgraded your outdoor cooking in their DNA.

The Smokin' Ugly Drum Smoker is the foundation of our entire line of outdoor cooking products and kits. Originating from a customer request for a spring-loaded hinge for their ugly drum smoker’s lid, the Smokin' Ugly drum smokers let you go the DIY route and build a smoker that's truly yours. And, harnessing the power of motion control technology, you're able to exert more control over each and every smoke session as its lid can be set – and kept – in any position within its range of motion. That means you'll never have to worry about the lid slamming down or needing an extra hand to hold it in place. Additionally, it makes the lid another means to control airflow or entrap heat and smoke. We offer three complete UDS kits that make building your own 55-gallon drum smoker a breeze.

The TG Portable Grill – one of the newer members of the Smokin' Ugly family – is designed to go where you are. Be it a tailgate party, campsite, or even your backyard, the TG is a triple threat for outdoor cooking as you can use it as a grill, griddle, and pizza oven. Made from robust stainless steel, the TG is designed to last and be assembled easily. And like its ugly drum smoker cousins, its lid also uses motion control technology for improved user experience and enhanced cooking.

Grill, Smoker, Griddle Combo | The Value of the Trio

Grill, smoker, griddle combo.

Grill, griddle, smoker combo.

Smoker, grill, griddle combo.

Whichever way you use the combination with your Smokin' Ugly products, the bottom line is that this trio of versatility sets you up to master a wide range of cooking techniques and dishes with just one setup. And, from a financial standpoint — an important consideration for those looking to get the most out of an investment in outdoor cooking equipment — this versatility means getting the most bang for your buck.

But the benefits don’t stop at versatility.

Smokin' Ugly products are designed with longevity in mind, built to endure the rigors of outdoor cooking year after year. Made in America, our cooking equipment and kits feature high-quality stainless steel components that resist wear and tear, ensuring your setup not only meets but exceeds expectations for longevity.

By choosing our all-in-one cooking solutions, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re making a long-term investment in quality, flexibility, and efficiency. This trio is built to last, guaranteeing that your investment pays dividends in the form of countless memorable meals and gatherings for years to come.

Grill, Smoker, Griddle Combo FTW

Investing in any outdoor cooking equipment that's made to last and deliver a high-quality experience usually requires making a decent investment.

To that end, there's no reason to not get the most from it.

With a grill, smoker, griddle combo, you'll never have to compromise on how you cook outdoors or add more to your outdoor kitchen than needed.

Ready to Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen?

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