Smokin' Ugly TG Series | The Places Your Portable Grill Can Go

Smokin' Ugly TG Series | The Places Your Portable Grill Can Go

"Is there ever a wrong time to grill?"

Ask any BBQ aficionado of any sort, and the answer is likely the same – no! Even when there's a foot of snow on the ground, that's perfect grilling weather.

To take that perspective a step further, we submit: Is there a wrong place to grill?

Outside of locations where grilling presents a safety hazard, we don't believe there is.

To grill anywhere does require having a grill that travels well, and that's where our new Smokin' Ugly TG Series comes in.

A portable grill, the TG Series goes with you, allowing your meal-time travels to never be cause for compromise. In fact, the TG portable grill opens the doors to upgrading your on-site meals regardless of where you are in the great outdoors or simply away from home.

TG Series Portable Grill Overview in Brief

The newest addition to our line of Smokin' Ugly products, the TG Series Grill is your vehicle to grilled food practically wherever you go. From our standpoint, this TG is a portable grill done right.

Boasting a compact design, the TG is small enough to be easily loaded up into a vehicle without sacrificing much space.

To be sure, portability does not translate to a lack of durability – made from heavy-duty stainless steel, the TG is designed to last. In other words, this isn't the mini grill you buy knowing full well that you'll be replacing it in a season or two.

In addition to serving as a portable charcoal grill, the TG is adaptable for two other uses. With a quick swap out of cooking surfaces, it becomes a griddle. And with a few quick adjustments of the griddle and heat source location, the TG becomes a portable pizza oven.

Regardless of where your travels take you, the TG portable grill comes with you for the ride.

7 Places to Bring Your TG Series Portable Grill

While we don't think there's any wrong place to grill (safety first), we have found there are a few locations that the TG is perfect for.

  1. Tailgate
  2. Camping
  3. Trail
  4. Picnics
  5. Fairs & competitions
  6. Boating
  7. Backyard

1. Tailgate

Tailgating is, of course, the first place that comes to mind when thinking about portable grills. It's a no-brainer – grilling is as synonymous with a good tailgating experience as a cooler full of cold drinks and a few snack trays.

What is the best portable grill for tailgating?

Whether it's the parking lot outside your favorite football stadium or baseball park – or even near the athletic field where your kids are going to play – the TG series is the perfect tailgate grill. Because of its size, the grill works easily on a literal tailgate as easily as it would on the ground or a table.

2. Camping

If you're going to be cooking outside, why not do it right?

For camping, the TG brings a small outdoor kitchen to any site no matter how rugged.

Be it pancakes and bacon in the morning or individualized Neapolitan-style pizzas or steaks for dinner, this charcoal camping grill's functionality allows you to have a menu that's not relegated to just burgers and hot dogs.

The TG is also ideal for those who can make camp anywhere in an RV. Taking the kitchen outside, the TG can be set up in just a few minutes to get mealtime started.

3. Trail

One of the age-old pastimes that's had a resurgence in recent years, hiking is a quick way to work up an appetite.

While this isn't a hiking grill that you'd want to carry for long distances (it’s rather robust and weighs 54 lbs), the TG does a fine job of being ready for use when you get back from exploring a trail of any length.

4. Picnics

Go to any public park that has a picnic area, and there's a good chance it has several of those freestanding charcoal grills. We've all used them, and they don't make for the best grilling experience. Often requiring a cleaning, a cleanout, and a layer of tin foil, their grates are often cumbersome to reposition and the grill itself is usually nowhere near a table.

The TG stops this less-than-ideal grilling experience. What's more, it allows you to go beyond just grilling. Remember its griddle? You'll have no problem cooking a wide variety of hot dishes to compliment anything you char-grill.

5. Fairs & Competitions

Sometimes a trip to the fair or competition goes beyond one day. Take equestrian competitions or county/state fairs for instance – they often last at least a weekend.

With a TG in tow, you won't need to worry about paying (un)fair prices for food or subsisting off of prepackaged meals.


6. Boating

There's nothing like a day on the water. However, boating and the accompanying swimming, waterskiing, or tubing works up an appetite – and not just the kind that a few on-board snacks satisfy.

The TG Series is the answer to enjoying a hot meal on the water.

To be absolutely clear, the TG series is not made for bouts of sea swells – no grill is. Rather it works well in a much more dialed-back boating experience – think a pontoon boat on calm waters. Or even better yet, it's perfect for grilling on in your marina's park.

7. Backyards

For as portable as the TG is, it can – and should – have a permanent base of operations. There's no better place than in your backyard. And there's no good reason to not use the TG when you're at home.

When on-site, the TG is the perfect compliment or addition to an outdoor kitchen (we think it looks great next to a Smokin' Ugly drum smoker). Just like any location you travel to, the TG provides a wide range of possibilities for cooking outdoors in your own space.

TG Series Portable Grill | A Great Travel Companion

Grilling should know no bounds.

Boasting the perfect combination of portability, durability, and convenience, the TG makes practically anywhere the perfect place to prepare & enjoy a grilled meal. It also makes every location the perfect spot to craft a pizza or cook on a griddle.

No matter where you go, the TG Series Grill adds a bit of flavor – and aroma – to any outdoor cooking experience.

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