Creating the Ultimate Big Green Egg Cooking Station

Creating the Ultimate Big Green Egg Cooking Station

What's the only thing that makes cooking on a Big Green Egg better (aside from having a great recipe)?

Having a cooking station for it that puts everyone else's to shame.

And yes, it's OK to have an outdoor cooking space to gloat about just a little.

Here's our take on what it takes to build a Big Green Egg cooking station that will serve you -- and your guests -- well for years to come.

Constructing Your Big Green Egg Cooking Station

What do you need to create an outdoor cooking space that gives you an optimal cooking/hosting experience?

When designing your setup, consider:

  1. Prime real estate
  2. Big Green Egg accessories
  3. Cooking surfaces
  4. Cooking station accouterments

1. Prime Real Estate

Think of this in the same way you would if you were building a new home.

You wouldn't build your house next to a garbage dump or within close earshot of a rock quarry. If you did, it wouldn't be too long before you'd feel that your dream home has become a nightmare.

As the adage goes in business and real estate, it's all about Location! Location! Location!

Your Big Green Egg grill station should be in a spot that is as much convenient for you as it is conducive to a great cooking experience. 

Some orientation considerations:

  • The Sun's Path: The sun doesn't become a problem until it's in your eyes or making you feel worn out from prolonged exposure. Some cover can go a long way in keeping you made in the shade.
  • Seasonal Weather Patterns: Autumn gales and spring rain can be just as big a disruption as the sun when you don't have adequate shelter or protection. 
  • Proximity to Structures: Believe us when we say we love the smell of something great being prepared on a Big Green Egg. However, that might not be the best fragrance for inside your home -- and your neighbors might feel the same way about their homes, too.
  • Distance to Home Base: This one can take some fine-tuning. While it's important to have an appropriate distance between your cooking station and other structures, it shouldn't feel like you've completed a 10-mile hike to get from your home's kitchen to your outdoor cooking station.

2. Essential Big Green Egg Accessories

When it makes your cooking experience noticeably easier or just plain better, there's nothing like having the right equipment at the ready.

We've detailed quite a few things that we think are the best accessories for the Big Green Egg.

But getting down to the essentials, here are a few that we think are "musts" for your cooking station:

  • The Over-Easy Hinge: A product we proudly manufacture. Made for large Big Green Eggs, this retrofit hinge, in a sense, does the work of 10 men. Through motion control technology, not only does it reduce the opening force needed to lift the lid to just 5 lbs, but it also allows you to set the lid in any position within its range of motion.
  • Nest: If your outdoor cooking space leaves you with some placement options for your Big Green Egg that you'll regularly use, you can't be without a Nest. Just like the Over-Easy with the grill's lid, the Nest makes it much easier to move the grill as you need to.
  • PPE: An apron, grill gloves, and even shop glasses provide an extra layer of protection against the heat and smoke your grill will throw when in use. Remember the #1 rule when it comes to cooking is: Safety First
  • Tables: Built-in, portable, or otherwise, there's nothing like having a table right where you need it when cooking. Another way: there's nothing worse when preparing a meal than not having ample tabletop space right where you need it.

3. Cooking Surfaces 

Piggybacking off our last section...

As you well know, Big Green Eggs are versatile. They grill. They smoke. They can even bake.

Unfortunately, the grill grate that comes standard with your Egg doesn't always meet every cooking application.

Not to worry -- that's nothing a few other accessories can't address.

  • Baking Stone: For those who love to bake, a baking stone is perfect for achieving that ideal crispy crust on pizzas and beautifully browned bread.
  • ConvEGGtor: A go-to for blocking direct flames, the ConvEGGtor ensures even heat distribution. It’s great for preparing perfectly roasted meats or evenly baked desserts.
  • Cast Iron Skillet: Able to withstand the intense heat of the Big Green Egg, a cast iron skillet is great for searing steaks to perfection or sauteing vegetables.

Speaking of Cooking...

If you haven't already, check out our recipes page for ideas on what to cook on your Big Green Egg. Or better yet, grab your copy of our cookbook. Click the image below to start your download immediately!

4. Cooking Station Accoutrements 

As much as these next few things are for you, they're also for your guests. Creating an outdoor grilling and cooking station that's the place to be goes beyond having a great location complemented by a top-of-the-line grill.

  1. Furniture and Seating Options: An obvious consideration -- choose comfortable, durable furniture that invites guests to relax and hang out. Consider options like weather-resistant sofas, bar stools, or dining sets that match the style and functionality of your cooking space, ensuring everyone has a prime spot to enjoy the feast.
  2. Lighting and Ambiance Considerations: Good lighting matters not only for cooking but also for creating the right mood. String lights, solar-powered lamps, or even a fire pit can add warmth and charm, transforming your cooking station into a cozy nighttime gathering spot.
  3. Beverage Cart/Bar: No matter what it's stocked with, a well-stocked beverage cart or an outdoor bar area is always a crowd-pleaser.
  4. A/V Equipment: For those who love to entertain without being the sole source of entertainment, incorporating audio-visual equipment can take your cooking station to the next level. Waterproof speakers for music, an outdoor TV for watching the game, or even a projector for movie nights can make your outdoor space the #1 backyard entertainment destination.
  5. Storage Solutions: Practical storage is key to keeping your cooking station organized. Look for weatherproof cabinets, shelving units, and hooks to store your cooking utensils, and other equipment within easy reach but out of the elements.
  6. Weatherproof Covers: One good rain storm or heavy wind can be enough to be a major pain-in-the-wallet. To that end, weatherproof covers for your Big Green Egg, furniture, and electronic equipment are essential. Opt for high-quality, durable covers that fit well and are easy to put on and take off.

Your Space, Your Rules

There's a simple truth when it comes to creating the ultimate Big Green Egg cooking station: there's no one-size-fits-all setup.

Regardless of what your outdoor cooking space ends up looking like, the #1 thing to remember when designing it is that it's your space.

There's absolutely no reason for you not to have fun making an outdoor cooking and entertaining space that's truly your own.

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