2 Drum Smoker Accessories for Improved Mobility & Meal Prep

2 Drum Smoker Accessories for Improved Mobility & Meal Prep

When a homemade smoker is built, there’s nothing left to do except start using it.

While that statement can certainly hold true (plenty of smoking gourmets never change their homemade smoker after putting it together), that’s not how we see things.

As far as we’re concerned, a DIY smoker is always ripe for an upgrade.

To that end, we’re excited to announce the latest drum smoker accessories we’ve designed to level up your Smokin’ Ugly experience for each and every use.

The Latest Smokin’ Ugly Drum Smoker Accessory Innovations

Like our entire suite of drum smoker products, the newest additions to our line of Smokin’ Ugly drum smoker kits are designed to help you focus on what’s most important – the meat or dish you’re preparing.

Side Shelf Kit

It’s one of the most annoying things when grilling or smoking – not having a surface that’s immediately available to:

  • Place cooking utensils and accouterments on when not in use
  • Complete some light meal prep
  • Put a drink down on

The only thing worse is having to create a setup that’s not entirely in sync with your smoker – ever use a portable table that’s just not the right height? Or what about one that’s straddling the line of being inconvenient – say almost far enough away to be a nuisance?

Our side shelf kit solves these problems.

An 11 x 14 stainless steel shelf complete with utensil hooks, this kit gives you a working surface as close as you can get to the smoker. You’ll never have to look far again to find a free surface while you smoke and grill.

What’s more, it easily goes out of the way. When you’re done using the shelf, simply flip it up and slide it down a track to collapse it.


Wheel Kit

Sometimes the perfect spot for smoking isn’t the same one you settled into the last time. Getting to that new, optimal location for your smoke shouldn’t be a hassle.

When outfitted with our wheel kit, your Smokin’ Ugly drum smoker becomes mobile. Featuring two 6” wheels and a swivel caster that locks, your drum smoker now easily glides across compacted surfaces. The wheel kit has a powder-coated steel frame that easily attaches to the bottom lip of your barrel smoker. The best part – the wheel kit is designed to withstand the high temperatures of meat smoking and grilling. In other words, it never has to come off your barrel.

Ok, actually there is a better part.

Though drum smokers are among the most durable meat smokers on the market, they don’t mix well with long-term exposure to the elements. If not properly cared for and protected, they can eventually rust. With the wheel kit, you’ll have no problem moving your drum smoker to a safe, dry location when not in use.

Side Shelf & Wheel Kits | 2 Must-Have Drum Smoker Accessories

The pursuit of the perfect drum smoker may be a Sisyphean task, but it’s one we’ll always work toward. With the side shelf and wheel kits, your Smokin’ Ugly sees an instant upgrade to functionality.

Properly Outfit Your Drum Smoker

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