Ugly Drum Smoker Accessories: Tailgating Must-Haves

Ugly Drum Smoker Accessories: Tailgating Must-Haves

A celebration of sorts regardless of the outcome of an impending game, tailgating is a tradition as rich as the annual football season itself.

For the football faithful, a tailgate sets the stage for a great day of competition and fandom.

The tailgates of today have come a long way from a station wagon, a portable charcoal grill, a few folding chairs, and a cooler in the parking lot outside the home field. While these scenes are still present at any parking lot within walking distance of a stadium, tailgaters are now pushing their pregame celebrations. It’s not uncommon for fans to set up shop a day or two before, making a weekend of pregaming. And the food? Burger and hot dogs – though standards – are practically passe.

Whether you’re in your driveway or near the stadium of your favorite team, an ugly drum smoker and grill combo take your tailgate – no matter how long – to the next level.

Cooking on a drum smoker is only as successful as the accessories supporting it. For the tailgating weekend warrior, having the right drum smoker accessories is as essential as an MVP-contending quarterback backed by an upper-echelon team.

Ugly Drum Smoker Accessories for a Tailgating Victory

To get the most from your ugly drum smoker and grill on game day, these accessories are a must. Not only do they enhance functionality, but they also ensure you’re able to deliver a winning meal even during the off-season.

Utensil Holder

Affixed directly to the drum smoker, the utensil holder makes sure your spatula, tongs, or whatever tools of the trade you use are always on-hand.

Did you know: We can laser etch a logo to the face of the holder.

Charcoal Basket

What’s one of the most beautiful sights when using a drum smoker? Smoldering coals at just the right temperature. The charcoal basket kit makes it easy to manage your spent coals. Simply lift the basket by the handle and empty it!

Charcoal Chute

Nothing disrupts meat smoking more than having to open the lid of your smoker and spend a few minutes adding new charcoal. Precious flavor, heat, and time are lost. With our charcoal chute, adding new charcoal is a breeze – simply open it, add charcoal, and close it. The lid to your drum smoker stays closed the entire time. The coal chute serves double duty – in addition to being an access point, it can also act as an air inlet.

Water Pan Holder

& Grill Grate

Depending on who you ask, having a pan of water is a must in any drum smoker to keep meats moist. If you’re on Team Water Pan, our water pan holder attaches directly to the grate on a variety of grills. What’s more, the holder can also act as a heat deflector.

The cooking surface you’ll primarily use, our grill grate is made with ⅛” 304 stainless steel. Manufactured to stand up to the rigors of drum smoking and grilling, our grate easily takes on heat, grease, and cleaning brushes.

Handle, Latch & Hinge

The defining feature of a Smokin’ Ugly grill, our handle, latch & hinge kit brings enhanced function to any drum smoker. Designed to make lid management and smoke control almost a second thought, our handle, latch & hinge make opening and closing your drum smoker effortless.

Rather than having to find a safe place to set a hot lid down or carefully hold the cover, you’re able to devote your focus where it needs to be – on the food.

As a bonus, with our hinge, you’ll never be without a bottle opener – there’s one built into its design.


Champion-Level Accessories: Pizza Oven Kit

While grilled main courses are the standard of any tailgate, stepping away from tradition can set your outdoor pregame party apart.

Upgrading an ugly drum tailgate smoker’s versatility, our pizza oven kit lets you make pies without the hassle of hauling a specialty oven along to your tailgate. Featuring a fuel basket, stainless steel cooking plate, and cooking chamber lid, you’ll be making pizza like a champ no matter where you are. With our pizza peel and a pizza cutter, you’ll have little trouble running a makeshift pizzeria at your tailgate.

(By the way: Like the utensil kit, the pizza peel can be laser etched with a design of your choice.)

The pizza oven attachment does more than make Neapolitan-style pizza. Its stainless steel cooking plate? It doubles as a griddle, opening the doors to even more culinary creations – or breakfast depending on how early your event starts.

Second String Tailgating Must-Have Accessories

A solid drum smoker is only one component of delivering a BBQ tailgating experience. In addition to the smoker and its accessories, these additional game day meal prep accessories should be present at every tailgate:

  • Hand sanitizer – Not all tailgate areas have immediate access to handwashing stations. When handling raw meat and other foods, having a bottle of hand sanitizer makes sure bacteria won’t run pass interference for your day.
  • The right grilling utensils & accessories – Unless you’re flipping burgers and hot dogs, grilling or smoking on a drum smoker requires a few additional cooking implements, such as a knife, cutting board, and thermometer.
  • Table – Not for smashing, a table is clutch for food prep, serving, and enjoying a meal.
  • Paper towels – One of those items you’d hate to be without.
  • Appropriate gloves – Whether you’re handling raw meat or managing the coals in your drum smoker, the right pair of gloves (rubber, latex, or heat resistant) provides an additional layer of protection.

For the Win: Ugly Drum Smoker & Tailgates

An ugly drum smoker equipped with the right accessories is like a Super Bowl-bound team. With all the right components working in harmony, preparing a meal at a tailgate or elsewhere is poised for success.

Regardless of how your team does on game day, a drum smoker and the accompanying accessories ensure a culinary victory off the gridiron.

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