The TG Series Grill is the Portable Grill You’re Tailgate’s Been Missing.

American-made. Durable. Versatile.

The most mobile member of the Smokin’ Ugly family, the TG is designed to travel well and upgrade every tailgate.

Featuring a compact design, you’ll get the whole grilling experience – and more – without compromise. And you’ll never have to deal with the hassle of hauling a standard-size grill – or losing precious packing space to it – to your tailgate.

Built with robust stainless steel, the TG is made to last – you’ll be enjoying it for seasons to come.

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The Tailgate Triple Threat

Your tailgating adventures know no limit. How you cook at them shouldn’t either.

With the TG on-hand, you’re able to do more without missing a beat, as it can easily provide three different cooking experiences.

The TG transforms from grill to griddle and pizza oven with a few quick adjustments. That means no matter where you are or the time of day, you’ll have a grill that’s always ready for action.

  • Bacon, eggs, & pancakes. Too easy.
  • Burgers, hot dogs, & other grill fare. No problem.
  • Wood-fired pizzas and calzones? Absolutely.

What Makes The TG’s Versatility (& Enhance Functionality) Possible? 

That’s easy It’s two things.

  1. An Interchangeable Cooking Surface: When switching out of grill mode, you’ll swap out a grate for a low-carbon steel plate. The now griddle provides an almost identical experience to cooking on a flat-top grill without the struggle of transporting it. The griddle is also what you’ll use to cook authentic wood-fired pizzas on. We’ve even heard of TG users baking cookies on it, too!
  2. Motion-control Technology: One of the defining features of the TG is how its lid works. Featuring a spring-assist hinge, the lid easily opens and closes or stays in whatever position you set it within its range of motion. What does that mean? You’ll never have to worry about holding the lid open (or it slamming down)  while cooking. Additionally, with its ability to stay in one spot, the lid becomes another vent to trap or release heat. 

Set Your Tailgate Apart

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