Weber Knapp’s Smokin’ Ugly™ Drum Smoker Accessory Kit Earns Sizzling Review

JAMESTOWN, N.Y. -- Since their inception in 1905, 55-gallon drums have been a pinnacle of DIY BBQing. Now, thanks to Weber Knapp’s new Smokin’ Ugly kits, transforming any 55-gallon drum into a feature-rich BBQ smoker has never been easier.


Recently featured in BBQ News’ monthly newsletter, Weber Knapp’s Smokin’ Ugly kits provide an all-in-one solution to creating the perfect backyard drum smoker. Fueled by the company’s proprietary Vectis Technology for kinematic motion control hinges, the Smokin’ Ugly kit easily transforms any 55-gallon drum into a premium backyard smoker. 

“After using the drum … we have yet to find one thing that could be changed to improve upon the design or install process … The entire combination of these systems all working together have made our drum a super outdoor cooking device; but the pizza oven addition made this drum become almost unbelievable...  This system makes our drum the most versatile outdoor cooker that we have ever had.” BBQ News reports.

“Even the charcoal door in the middle of the cooker came with a rope gasket to prevent air leaks. We tested this by making sure the cooker would shut down once we closed up both the intake and exhaust on the grill. It worked perfectly the first time without any needed adjustments.”  

To read the full review check out: and look for the 2021 June edition!

Weber Knapp is working to partner with authorized distributors and vendors of the Smokin’ Ugly kits. For more info about the Smokin’ Ugly, head to, or call our sales and engineering team at (800) 828-9254.

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