The Value of Smokin' Ugly Products for Your UDS Smoker

The Value of Smokin' Ugly Products for Your UDS Smoker

Stepping into or taking the next step within the world of meat smoking?

That's what we love to hear!

When it comes to the meat smoker you'll use next, undoubtedly you'll face many different options – exploratory searches online can quickly become overwhelming. Some smokers make that next leg of your journey as a meat smoker pretty easy (think those that are ready to go and practically automated straight out of the box). Others have a bigger learning curve and require a lot of effort to use.

No matter where you are in your development as a meat smoking master, an UDS (ugly drum smoker) with Smokin' Ugly products lets you take whatever skillset you have to the next level.

What sets a drum smoker outfitted with Smokin' Ugly accessories and kits apart?

Pardon our enthusiasm, but plenty.

Why Choose Smokin’ Ugly Products for Your UDS Smoker

Next to the quality of the barrel used, a DIY 55-gallon drum smoker is only as good as the accessories that actually make it a smoker.

Why settle for anything that doesn't make you feel like you're using the best?

Above all else, Smokin' Ugly drum smoker products are designed to help you get the most out of your custom UDS, creating stand-out smoked meats and other dishes. In short, Smokin' Ugly products are made for maximized value over a long, useful life.

Making the Smokin' Ugly Investment | Value, Not Price

Let's talk about the #1 thing those considering adding Smokin' Ugly products to their meat smoking arsenal ask about: price.

Indeed, Smokin' Ugly drum smoker kits and accessories are an investment. However, what premium smoker isn't? A quick Google search for meat smokers in the upper echelon (think: Kamado smokers or offset smokers) features prices that range from several hundred dollars to, yes, several thousand.

Our point being: high-quality products come with higher prices.

With Smokin' Ugly products, paying a bit more than you would for basic, off-the-shelf-smoker components means you're getting more (the value we're talking about):

  • Build to suit
  • Enhanced controls
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Versatility
  • Community

Build to Suit

Let's get back to the point we addressed – price.

Again, choosing Smokin' Ugly products for your DIY barrel smoker is an investment. However, unlike pre-built or some premium-level smokers, you do have a bit of a say in how large your initial investment is.


For starters, you choose your smoker's barrel. That opens the doors to price shopping a bit and finding a barrel that meets all the safety and performance requirements for a drum smoker, but also fits within your budget. We've heard of Smokin' Ugly users finding some great deals on the barrels they use.

Secondly, you don't need every last Smokin' Ugly kit or accessory to have a fully functional ugly drum smoker. To create a "base model" ugly drum smoker, you'll need the following Smokin' Ugly products or kits:

Absolutely, there are plenty of Smokin' Ugly kits and accessories that make great add-ons to your ugly drum smoker. We have a whole online store or catalog for you to peruse. However, you can purchase them at your leisure without worry that your ugly drum smoker is missing something that makes it unusable.

Browse our catalog of Smokin' Ugly products:

Enhanced Controls

How did Smokin' Ugly products first come to be?

The TLDR: a client requested we develop a motion control hinge (one of our specialties) for their drum smoker lid.

In addition to making it easier to open your drum's lid (one-handed if need be), Smokin' Ugly spring-assisted hinges allow you to set your lid at a specific position without worry of it slamming down. It even opens beyond 90°.

When your hands are full or if you're looking to let more smoke or heat out quickly, the hinge is worth its weight in gold.

But the control you're able to exert over your drum smoker doesn't stop there, several other Smokin' Ugly kits help you fine-tune your overall cooking experience with your drum smoker:

The Drum Smoker Latch/Handle Kit lets you safely and conveniently secure your lid. Self-latching when the lid is closed, you won’t need to worry about the lid flying open from a sudden wind gust. At the same time, it creates a seal of sorts to control the amount of smoke and heat that escapes the drum.

Inlet Vent & Exhaust vent kits help you regulate your temperature with ease. With quick adjustments to the inlet vent, you choose how much air comes into the smoker by adjusting the slider. The same goes for the exhaust vent – turning the pinwheel-style vent lets you easily regulate airflow and temperature.

The Charcoal Chute Kit makes it much simpler – and safer – to add more fuel or smoker wood to your fire. Just tilt out the chute and add your fuel directly from the side of the drum. No more reaching over a bed of hot coals!


High-Quality, Durable Materials

Facing what some may consider "extreme conditions," Smokin' Ugly UDS kits and accessories are made from stainless steel. This superior metal brings several qualities to the table that are hard to ignore:

  • Durability: Stainless steel is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, rust, and staining.
  • Heat resistance: An excellent conductor of heat, stainless steel can withstand high temperatures without warping or degrading.
  • Easy to clean: It can be wiped down with a damp cloth or washed in the dishwasher without worrying about damage or deterioration.
  • Sanitary: A non-porous material, stainless steel doesn't harbor bacteria or other pathogens – an important consideration for anywhere food is involved. With some basic maintenance and upkeep (e.g. cleaning out the charcoal basket after each use or keeping the smoker covered when not in use), your ugly drum smoker and its components can easily last a long, long time.


Some smokers are good at just one thing – smoking meats. In other words, they're not made for more than one application.

For the BBQ master who wants to command a host of outdoor cooking endeavors, Smokin' Ugly drum smoker accessories give you the latitude to do more.

With the pizza oven kit, not only does your ugly drum smoker become a wood-fired pizza oven, but its included stainless steel cooking plate doubles as a griddle.

Shifting gears is really easy – all it takes is a few quick adjustments to go from smoker/grill mode to a pizza oven or griddle.

Those taking the long way to the same functionality for their outdoor kitchen may find themselves investing in upward of four different cooking apparatus.


Smokin' Ugly products aren't just something we make. Rather, they represent a way of life for us.

There's nothing we love more than putting our Smokin' Ugly kits and accessories to work and sharing our love of BBQ with fellow Smokin' Ugly users.

And many Smokin' Ugly users are the exact same way.

Put simply: the Smokin' Ugly community is full of people eager to share in the joys of meat smoking.


Smokin' Ugly Drum Smoker Products | Helping You Make the Best Drum Smoker

Like choosing the perfect cut of meat for smoking, finding the best meat smoker for home use is a decision that requires careful consideration.

With Smokin' Ugly drum smoker kits and accessories, you're able to skip searching store shelves – both in the real world and digitally – and quite literally make your smoker with components that more than deliver on value.

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