Portable Grill | Smokin' Ugly TG Series

Portable Grill | Smokin' Ugly TG Series

Cooking meat over an open flame and simmering coals (primitive grilling) is a tradition that goes back to the first time food was served hot.

And while the act has evolved over the centuries and a few other ways of cooking have come about, the simplicity of putting meat to flame remains a stalwart of food preparation.

Modern-day grilling is very mobile – when was the last time you went to a tailgate and didn't catch the scent of grilled meats? Portable grills make this possible.

Our new TG Series Grill – the latest addition to our line of BBQ grills and accessories – helps the contemporary outdoor chef practice the age-old art of cooking wherever they may be.


What is the TG Series Grill?

The TG Series Grill is convenience.

A cousin to our ugly drum smoker, the Smokin' Ugly, and Outdoor Cookin' Chiminea, the TG Series Grill lets you enjoy some of the elements of a drum smoker while not sacrificing the functionality of a grill.

Designed to be portable, the TG Series goes where you need it. To be sure, this isn't a grill you'd carry with you on a long hike somewhere – it weighs in at 54 lbs. Rather, the TG is one that's easily transported and simple to set up wherever you go, be it at a campsite, at a tailgate, or in your backyard.

Made from robust stainless steel, this portable grill is designed to last. Unlike other portable grills, which are often made with a thinner steel, you'll be cooking on your TG Series grill for years to come. It's easily assembled with minimal tools.

What sets this portable grill apart from others is its adjustable spring assist hinge for its lid. In fact, the TG is outfitted with the same style hinge as the Smokin' Ugly.

Just like with the lid of a Smokin' Ugly, the spring assist hinge allows the TG's lid to maintain the position its set at. You won't have to worry about the lid suddenly slamming down – causing injury or a scare. Instead, the lid stays exactly where you put it between being fully opened or closed.

For the chef, this functionality means you'll never need an extra hand to hold your TG's lid in place as you cook. It also allows you better control over heat – set at the desired level, the lid can act as a heat vent of sorts.


The TG Series: A Triple Threat

The TG Series grill meets you where you are – and no, we're not referring to your physical location (though it can). Rather, the TG series is a versatile mini grill – a triple threat, of sorts. With a few simple adjustments, the TG series works as a:

  1. Grill
  2. Griddle
  3. Pizza oven


1. Grill

This isn't your average portable grill. Unlike the portable grills you get for less than $50, the TG series is durable and built to last as long as you need it.

With its standard grill grate, you'll have no problem searing your favorite cuts of meat, vegetables, or other dishes over an open flame or hot coals.

The TG series can use charcoal or wood as its fuel source. And though this grill is not a smoker, you're free to throw wood smoking pellets or chunks into the fire to impart a smokey flavor.


2. Griddle

With a quick swap out from grate to griddle, the TG series does more for outdoor cooking.

Made from low-carbon steel, the TG's griddle opens doors to preparing all your favorite breakfast foods or any other dish not meant for a grill grate while out camping or tailgating.

The griddle follows the same rules for seasoning and cleaning as a cast-iron pan.

3. Pizza Oven

With a few simple adjustments of the griddle and fuel source placement, the TG series becomes a wood-fired pizza oven. With ambient heating similar to a brick-oven grill, it's easy to churn out Neapolitan-style pizzas in no time.


How a Portable Grill Fits In Your Life

Grilling now knows no bounds.

From camping trips to gatherings at a local park or tailgating at sporting events, grilling has become synonymous with a great time and even better food.

And the TG series portable grill is perfect for it all. With its adjustable hinge, spring-assisted lid and versatile griddle/pizza oven option, this portable charcoal grill has everything you need – and more – to enjoy grilling your favorite foods wherever you may be.

Though the TG travels well, it's also suited to be a great addition to any outdoor kitchen. A complement to any other grill or meat smoker, the TG series adds to your grilling repertoire and opens up new possibilities for delicious food.


TG Series Portable Grill: Grill Anywhere

Grilling is an art form that takes skill and precision. And the TG series portable mini grill helps you do exactly that.

With its adjustable hinge and ability to switch from a standard grate to griddle or pizza oven, the TG is ideal for almost any grilling situation. Whether you're tailgating at your favorite sports game or out in your backyard with friends, the TG has what it takes to make amazing food wherever you are.

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