Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea: A Steel Chiminea That Goes Where You Go

Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea: A Steel Chiminea That Goes Where You Go

There’s nothing like sitting beside a backyard fire on a brisk night.

Imagine you and a few of your favorite people enjoying a cold drink while enveloped by the aroma of the wood-fired steak you’re cooking. Best of all, you and your guests aren’t worried about smoke smothering your soiree.

Your backyard becomes an oasis with the Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea from Weber Knapp. And, with its portability, you can bring that oasis wherever you go – from the campsite to the tailgate party.

The Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea: A Modern Take on an Old Concept

The Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea, part of our Smokin’ Ugly line of products, is a modern take on the traditional clay chiminea fireplace. Chimineas date back to 16th century Mexico when Mayan tribes used them indoors to keep their families warm and cook food with very little wood. Its design kept rain from dampening the fire, repelled insects, and made for an excellent flat-bread stove.

Manufactured with heavy-gauge steel, the Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea is a portable stove built to withstand harsh outdoor environments. Plus, steel chimineas last many years longer than clay chimineas.

The Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea is perfect for patios, backyards, outdoor kitchens, and camping. You can customize the Chiminea’s finish with a natural patina, high-temperature paint, or oil seasoning.

Its tool-free, easy-to-assemble design means you’ll have a roaring fire in no time. The built-in storage compartment for kindling and wood pieces allows you to keep the fire roaring all evening.


Cooking on the Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea

Grab your rubs, sauces, vegetables, and meat to create a memorable meal. Whether you’re cooking burgers and hotdogs for the tailgate party or grilled barbecue chicken for dinner, the Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea helps you serve mouth-watering dishes.

Its unique and customizable cooking space features dual grill mounts that allow you to find your optimal cooking temperature. This wood-burning stove allows you to experiment with flavor. Imagine the taste that smoked applewood brings to your barbecue chicken.

Clean-up is effortless. The grill grate is removable, making it easy to clean up without getting burnt.

From the Backyard Barbecue to the Big Game

The Outdoor Cookin' Chiminea is a versatile piece of cooking equipment that can be used in various settings. Whether you’re lounging in the backyard, enjoying the pre-game party outside of the stadium, or cooking dinner outside of your tent, the Outdoor Cookin’ Chiminea goes wherever you want to be. Its easy tab assembly allows you to quickly disassemble and reassemble when you’re ready to cook.

Its small size lends itself to a cozy night in the backyard. There's no worry about being too cold on a chilly night. Despite its size, the chiminea is designed to put off a lot of heat.

Need an easy cooktop for the tailgater? The Outdoor Cookin' Chiminea is ready to use in minutes and heats up in no time, leaving you with more time to celebrate the big game.

Whether you're tent camping or glamping in your RV, the Outdoor Cookin' Chiminea helps you cook all of your camp favorites: s'mores, hamburgers, hotdogs, and more. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space when you're packing for your next trip.


Perfect Your Outdoor Oasis

As part of the Smokin’ Ugly family, the Chiminea is the perfect addition to your ultimate outdoor oasis!


(Editor’s note: This article was originally published in February 2022 and was recently updated.)

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