Online Ordering of Smokin’ Ugly Smoker Accessories Now Available for Consumers

Online Ordering of Smokin’ Ugly Smoker Accessories Now Available for Consumers

Smokin’ Ugly Smoker Accessories Now Available for Direct Purchase

When grilling or smoking, a good recipe takes an average meal from good to great. So does having the right equipment and accessories.


Just in time for the 2022 holiday season, our full line of Smokin’ Ugly products is now available online for direct purchase by consumers. Previously our Smokin’ Ugly products were only available to the public through distributors.


From the accomplished grill master and seasoned smoker to the novice just starting out in the world of ugly drum food prep, our Smokin’ Ugly kits and accessories help you take outdoor cooking to the next level.


Combined with a food-grade drum, Weber Knapp smoker accessories allow you to run the full gamut of BBQing– and even dabble in cooking on a griddle or making artisan pizzas. Our ugly drum smoker kits provide you with the recipe to successfully transform your BBQ smoker setup from ordinary to a unique, high-quality, and easy-to-use device.


Smokin’ Ugly Accessories and Drum Smoker Kits

Our line of Smokin’ Ugly Accessories allows you to continue to find new ways to improve your drum smoker experience. Our ugly drum smoker kits make it easier than ever to upgrade your setup for preparing legendary meals or meats that smoke the competition. Our line of products now available to direct, immediate purchase include:

  • Spring-assisted hinge (single & double)
  • Latch handle kit
  • Charcoal basket kit
  • Charcoal chute kit
  • Inlet vent and exhaust vent kit
  • Grill grate
  • Utensil hook kit
  • Water pan holder kit
  • Pizza oven kit

News to Make You Sizzle

We’re always working to develop new accessories and solutions to enhance the drum smoker & grill experience. Stay up to all the latest Smokin’ Ugly news by signing up for our newsletter – you may even get a few recipes, too!

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Bring a Better Drum Smoker Experience to Your Back Yard

There’s nothing better than a grilling or smoking experience where you can focus on the food. That’s how unforgettable meals happen. Our innovative smoker kits and motion control designs make it safer, easier, and more fun to smoke delicious meals for you and your family.

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