Smokin' Ugly BBQ Smoker Accessories: Make Use of (Char)coal from Santa

Smokin' Ugly BBQ Smoker Accessories: Make Use of (Char)coal from Santa

Do you have that one friend who is always bragging about their wood or charcoal smoker? The one with the perfect brisket or ribs that always turn out amazing?

Make their holiday season truly “the most wonderful time of the year” with Smokin’ Ugly BBQ smoker accessories. From a spring-assisted hinge that makes lifting the lid effortless to a pizza oven kit, this ugly drum smoker kit accessories list will have them hoping Santa fills their stockings with (char)coal.

10 BBQ Smoker Accessories for Your Christmas (and Beyond) List

Make sure the backyard chef or BBQ master (aspiring or otherwise) in your life gets everything they need to build the ultimate DIY drum smoker. Each Smokin’ Ugly accessory is easy-to-assemble so your smoker can get to making the ultimate cookout faster.

Here are 10 accessories that will smoke any other gifts under the tree:

  1. Spring-assisted hinge (single & double)
  2. Latch handle kit
  3. Charcoal basket kit
  4. Charcoal chute kit
  5. Inlet vent and exhaust vent kit
  6. Grill grate and utensil hook kit
  7. Utensil holder kit
  8. Water pan holder/heat deflector kit
  9. Pizza oven kit
  10. Pizza peel

1. Spring-Assisted Hinge (Single & Double)

No more struggling to lift a heavy smoker lid. The Smokin’ Ugly’s spring-assisted hinge allows users to keep their hands free when checking on their slow-cooking masterpiece. The multi-position spring adjustment takes on lids light to heavy and fits on a variety of ugly drum smokers.

Built with a high-quality stainless steel body, this hinge withstands extreme heat. The hinge allows the lid to open beyond 90° for full access to the smoker. Plus, the bottle opener features on both sides allows you to enjoy a cold drink while you cook.

Choose between a single-spring hinge or a double-spring hinge.

2. Latch Handle Kit

The drum smoker latch safely and conveniently secures your lid. Self-latching when the lid is closed, you won’t need to worry about the lid flying open from a sudden wind gust.

The vinyl latch grip is grooved to provide a comfortable and secure grip. The high-quality, stainless steel construction stands up to high smoker temps. Both the latch and the handle fit a wide variety of drum smokers.

3. Charcoal Basket Kit

The charcoal basket and attached ash pan make clean up easy and nearly mess free. Simple to assemble, the basket comes with a convenient handle for easy extraction. Made from durable 3/32” thick steel, this charcoal basket is built for years of smoking.

4. Charcoal Chute Kit

Adding charcoal or wood to your drum smoker is simple with the charcoal chute kit. You don’t even have to open the lid or remove smoker grates and food. Plus, this stainless steel chute doubles as an additional air inlet to achieve higher smoker temperatures.

5. Inlet Vent & Exhaust Vent Kits

Regulate your temperature with ease with this stainless steel inlet vent. You choose how much air comes into the smoker by adjusting the slider.

Or, choose the exhaust vent kit to regulate airflow and temperature. Its pinwheel style allows you to easily adjust airflow.

The perfect amount of flame is just an adjustment away.

6. Grill Grate & Utensil Hook Kit

Constructed with ⅛” stainless steel, this tough grate handles whatever you throw at it. It features hand-hole cutouts for easy installation and removal. Plus, two hook brackets allow you to keep your favorite utensils at the ready.

7. Utensil Holder Kit

Want to keep all of your favorite smoking utensils nearby? This stainless steel rack attaches directly to the drum smoker for easy access.

If your meat-smoking enthusiast has been extra good this year, you can have a logo etched on the utensil holder.

8. Water Pan Holder/Heat Deflector Kit

This stainless steel water pan holder attaches nicely to our grill grate, but it also fits a variety of other drum smokers. Need to block some heat? The water pan holder can double as a heat deflector.

9. Pizza Oven Kit

Cooking with a smoker isn’t just for meat. The Smokin’ Ugly Pizza Oven Kit helps you make the perfect homemade pizza, quiche, or pancakes. This kit comes with:

  • A fuel basket that attaches to the smoker’s rim. Fill it with wood or charcoal to provide more direct heat to the griddle.
  • A stainless steel cooking plate that rests on the fuel basket and is contoured perfectly to the smoker’s rim. It’s ideal for cooking pizza, eggs, bacon, and much more.
  • A cooking chamber lid that attaches to the drum smoker lid with three bolts.

10. Pizza Peel

This lightweight and strong pizza peel will have you feeling like a real pizza master. Made with .062 aluminum and a phenolic handle, this peel will help you deliver backyard pizzas for years to come.

Want a custom design etched on the peel? We can do that.

Make Sure Smokin’ Ugly Accessories Are Under the Tree This Year

Your favorite backyard chef will love these drum smoker accessories. Each easy-to-assemble Smokin’ Ugly accessory is sure to make their smoking game more mouthwatering than ever before. Be the star of gift giving this year and shop from our online store today.

Sidestep Santa

Worried Smokin' Ugly accessories might not be under your tree? Purchase yours today:


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